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Strategic Intelligence

Advised Consulting Group offers bespoke strategic intelligence and advisory services to mitigate the risks for organisations considering entry into new markets or during the acquisition process.


When considering launching into a new market or territory, it is often difficult to know if a certain type of talent exists.       We provide clients with detailed analysis of the availability, quality and cost of the talent they need.

Where a client is considering a strategic investment, acquisition or a strategic alliance, it is common practice to conduct financial due diligence. We provide the crucial information that must be acquired outside the normal legal and accounting due diligence channels.


This evaluation of the capability of the target company leadership team and key people to deliver in the long term, is just as crucial as assessing the value of any other asset. Acquiring a company is also about acquiring people. 

This "people" due diligence helps maximise the chances of a successful acquisition. It also helps retain top talent and where key people do leave, ensures succession plans in place for key positions that minimise disruption and damage to morale. 


​Advised Consulting Group can also help connect leadership teams with private equity firms, institutional and family offices investors due to our pedigree and contacts across the financial services sector.

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