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Board Advisory

Board composition, diversity and effectiveness is not solely the domain of large multinational corporations. Challenges to critical governance procedures impact organisations of all sizes, scale and stages of development.


From changes in legislation and regulatory frameworks, to the expectations of key stakeholders in terms of operational, ethical and financial performance, the pressures on board performance has never been greater.

An effective and balanced board capable of meeting current and future demands requires a team of exceptional individuals with the right blend of competencies, perspectives and experiences.

The board advisory consultants at Advised Consulting Group work confidentially with organisations to evaluate the critical attributes needed around the boardroom table.


We explore board relationships, interactions, and advise on the behaviours needed to develop a board that can balance shareholder interests with advice on governance and strategy​.


In short, we consider the future strategic goals of the organisation and best practices in corporate governance to deliver an outstanding regulatory-effective and culturally aligned board of directors and non-executives.

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