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Project Recruitment

A cohesive recruitment and talent management strategy is essential for any organisation pursuing sustainable success. With people, an organisation’s greatest asset, current and future performance depends on the ability to consistently attract the right calibre of talent when it is needed.
Building recruitment strategies that work requires more than “off the shelf” or “out dated” processes. With advances in technology, changes in our environment, the economy and social and political systems, sustainable excellence can only be achieved by continually developing new ways to discover, engage with and lead the best people.

Advised Consulting Group’s project recruitment and process solutions were born out of our executive search practice which discreetly delivered hard to find executive talent.

We recognised that our talent acquisition expertise added value beyond the boardroom, and built end-to-end “search” class recruitment solutions across the full spectrum of the recruiting and resourcing life cycle. From attraction and engagement, to development and retention.

This helps organisations to achieve significant reductions in both the cost and time to hire, whilst at the same time providing measurable improvements in engagement, quality and retention rates. 

Through the delivery of seamless processes for the client and enhanced candidate experiences, our recruitment process solutions ensure applicants are genuinely motivated, engaged with and buy into your organisation.

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