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Career Sentry from Advised Group is like an insurance policy for your career

Career Sentry from Advised Group

It's never a bad time to prepare for a future layoff, job change, or even promotion. Career Sentry from Advised Consulting Group is the personal career management service for executives and professionals.

Career Sentry provides ongoing confidential and impartial support to executives with their personal career plans and maintains a state of readiness for any career or job shift, not just during times of career uncertainty. That's the best thing insurance can possibly offer.

Each Career Sentry plan is unique to you and designed to help you perform, develop, grow, and succeed.

What we can include:

  • Initial pre-planning needs assessment.

  • A 60-minute chat over Skype, phone or face to face.

  • Your dedicated personal career confident available 7 days a week. From listening to your professional or work anxieties, to providing you with market intelligence. If it is important to you it is important to us. The point is that we really are here for you. We take our relationship seriously!

  • We work with you to figure out what it is you really want to do for the future.

  • Help in identifying and assessing your key skills and experiences and any gaps preventing you achieving your goals.

  • The development and review of your personal career plan to ensure your career remains on-track and is ready to accommodate unforeseen changes.

  • Optimizing and maintaining your professional resume. Unlimited edits for 2 weeks after receiving first draft.

  • Advising on developing your on and offline professional profiles and networks.

  • Maximizing opportunities by helping to position you for future internal promotions and external job opportunities.

  • Preparation and developing your plan for non-executive and advisory roles.

  • Helping you achieving a higher salary, job satisfaction and interests.

  • Creating a balance between your personal and professional needs.

  • Help connecting you with VC/PE firms to discuss any entrepreneurial ideas.

  • Invitation to select networking events.

  • Discounts on coaching, learning and concierge services.

  • Regular feedback and follow-up action planning.

  • Quarterly follow-up plan of attack chats with your consultant.

Whether part of your corporate plan or as an individual member, Career Sentry from Advised Consulting Group is like an insurance policy for your career.

Choose from a menu of services with annual subscriptions starting from just £1 per day. 

Senior Executives
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