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Intercontinental Insurance Search

Our client was a leading multinational financial service with substantial global life insurance operations. Advised Group were engaged to deliver a Director of Risk who would assume oversight for more than $100bn in financial assets.

Advised Group were tasked with identifying the best quantitative risk specialists from banking, academia, insurance and asset management from Asia, Europe and North America. The client wanted a deliberately broad search to seek out fresh perspectives from other sectors and territories.

This resulted in effectively combining 4 individual global searches into one project to cover all potential talent pools and sectors. The research across such broad target sectors delivered a substantial potential target list. This was then filtered down to a manageable shortlist of 6 individuals who represented a combination of the best technical and a cultural fit for the hiring firm.

To get the job done and reach a successful outcome for the client took more than 650-man hours in research, evaluation and interviewing by the team at Advised Group.

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