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Advised Insight FS - Insurance Producers

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

The Next Generation Insurance Producers and Business Developers.

Many hiring firms are conditioned to want their producers and sales leaders only from a competitor, the square peg for their square hole in talent terms.

Whilst past performance is often a good indicator of future success, this doesn’t mean your next top producer can only come from a competitor.

To the contrary, hiring people from outside your direct industry can have several strategic and commercial advantages.

Using the aviation sector within insurance as an example, a successful producer could have been selling almost anything in the aviation industry. The benefit here stems from individuals who have relationships with key people at potential client firms to network with and who will speak your clients’ language.

In addition to bringing a fresh perspective to your sales team, many non-industry sales people have unrestricted relationships. This means they just may hit the ground running faster than industry veterans potentially shackled by contractual restrictions.

It is also worth noting that hires outside of insurance will not have experienced any form of renewal income. They are used to 'eating what they kill' each year and can be especially hungry and eager to build a new book of business and make a name for themselves at a new employer in a new industry.

The key to hires of this nature is a well-structured development process that guides and educates people on the nuances of the insurance sector in technical and cultural terms. With this in place, brokers can sit back and enjoy a new talent stream that may just surface their next generation of superstar producers.

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